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A social platform for cosplayers by cosplayers

My Cosplace is a cosplay-focused community and social platform. Our goal is to build a safe space for cosplayers to share their cosplays and experiences.

Chronological content feed

Chronological content feed

Most social platforms use biased algorithms which leads to some of our content never seeing the light of day. We use a chronological content feed so you can always see what's latest, not just what's hottest.

Additional feed options are provided too! You can browse new content from all cosplayers, see content from accounts you follow or groups you're in, or filter by content type like Cosplays, Tutorials, and more.

Join a guild!

Guilds are mini communities (or groups) within My Cosplace which focus on a single topic. Think of these like subreddits or Facebook Groups.

A guild could be created for a particular fandom, location, convention, or character. Great for discussing everyone's tips for a cosplay in that fandom, or planning group photoshoots at the next convention.

Profile sharing made easy

Each profile comes with a QR code to make it easier to connect.

We've all been there. You're at a convention, you've met some other cosplayers, and you all want to follow each other online. Now you can quickly share and scan your QR codes and get back to taking those lovely photos!

Want to make it easier for photographers to find you after they snap a shot? You can download your QR code to use how you want. Print it on a sticker and slap that on your badge, or make a sign to carry around.

Content for cosplayers

Cosplays: Create a full page about each of your cosplays where you can share photos and any details about the character, costume, build, and more.
Post updates to the Cosplay as you build or improve it to create a full history per cosplay.

Posts: Your standard social media post. These can be text-only or include images.

Tutorials: Share what you've learned with other cosplayers. Teach us your ways oh wizard of wigs, forger of foam, savant of stitch.

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