Cosplayers portraying Captain Marvel, Valkyrie, Scarlet Witch, and Shuri from Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Get tagged in more photos

As a cosplayer, you get your photo taken a lot. Make it easier to get tagged in more photos with custom cards and a gallery website.

  • Choose a template which best fits your style
  • Matching cards to hand out to photographers
  • Custom website address at our domain (e.g.

Useful at conventions or other events

New York Comic Con
Fanboy Expo
San Diego Comic Con
Personalized Website

Personalized virtual portfolio

Your list of cosplays is constantly growing or changing, and your portfolio should be easy to update to reflect these changes.

Easily create your own portfolio website at an address of your choosing. It's simple to update the portfolio as your wardrobe grows!

You can link to any social media platform you're on as well.

Personalized business cards

Get matching cards to hand out

When someone takes your photo you want to be tagged, but it's difficult to connect with everyone after a picture. Handing out a card is easy.

You can order a pack of cards which match your website to hand out to your photographers. It will include social media handles and a QR code which links to your new website..

QR Code

Use your QR code anywhere

A unique QR code will be generated which links to your new website. You can download or print this QR code and put it anywhere.

Slap it on the back of your convention badge or your phone's lock screen for easy access.

Plans for everyone

My Cosplace was built for cosplayers of all types. We want everyone to be able to use it.




Plan includes:

  • Customizable virtual portfolio
  • Hosted at your custom subdomain
  • QR code for your portfolio
  • Ability to purchase cards
  • Upload up to 30 images
  • My Cosplace branding on your portfolio

Plan includes:

  • Everything from Hobbyist +
  • Upload up to 60 images
  • Portfolio analytics (e.g. page views, QR scans)
  • Remove our branding from portfolio
  • Discount on card purchases

Get early access

We're still working on building My Cosplace. Sign up below to be notified as soon as it's ready! You will also have the opportunity to suggest possible features as we build it.

We want to hear your thoughts on our project. Let us know if you have any suggestions or just want to say something nice.